Maison Gascon

Your home stay in Pondichery,
Vijaya et Jean Marie, receive you in a warm ambiance


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  • 6-Activite-2-Pondicherry
  • 6-Activite-3-La-mer
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  • 6-Activite-5-Mahabalipuram
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Here are the different visits that are possible from MAISON GASCON :

  • The Beach at a distance of 400mts from home can be reached by crossing the main road & walking across a fishermen village.
  •  The town of Pondichercy to take  a stroll along the well laid out WHITE TOWN where a few colonial buildings stand witness to the colonial times . A walk on the beach road at the end of the day could be refreshing. Across the canal is the popular town where you find the Goubert market with its myriad colours & fragrances, NEHRU STREET with shops that offer cloths, stationary, vessels etc for a typical ambiance of the Indian Bazar. Your could also walk around the MUSLIM & TAMIL quarters where you could get to see a few houses with the traditional architecture.
  • AUROVILLE, the city of AURORE started in 1968 seems to be UTOPIQUE in our present world. They have a lot to offer on subjects like energy & water conservation, designer products that are often organic, community living & a green oasis away from the concrete jungle.
  • On a day excursion, one could discover places of cultural interest  like MAHABALIPURAM, KANCHIPURAM, CHIDAMBARAM, GINGEE & TIRUVANNAMALAI.